Contact us if you have multiple students in one family that exceed 5 hours for sibling discount as more than one person can not max tuition. e.g. If you have 2 sisters taking a total of 4 hours per week, your tuition is $168. If two siblings are taking above 5 hours combined, there is an additional, but discounted, tuition charge for the second sibling.


Tuition and Pricing

Class Time Per Week Monthly RateClass Time Per Week 
Monthly Rate
30 Minutes$484.75 Hours$186
45 Minutes$585 Hours or More *one student, contact for sibling discount*$190
1 Hour$65Private Lessons $30 per 1/2 hour
1.25 Hours$70Registration Fee$40/ Family
1.5 Hours$78Late Fee (after the 1st)


1.75 Hours$84Returned Check$30
2 Hours$933-5 year old class costumes$65 
2.25 Hours$961st-5th Grade Costumes$65/subject
2.5 Hours$1026th Grade and UP Costumes$70/subject
2.75 Hours$110

3.0 Hours$124*team costumes do not go by this pricing scale**
3.25 Hours$135

3.5 Hours$145

3.75 Hours$158

4 Hours$166

4.25 Hours$174

4.5 Hours$182