Studio Rules

  • No eating or chewing gum in class 

  • No inappropriate behavior or language will be tolerated 

  • Only water is permitted in the classroom                                                                                                                                         

  • Parents and friends are not permitted in the classroom during classes                                                                            

  • Dancers should be respectful to instructors and fellow dancers at all times                                                              

  • Children are to remain inside of the building unless accompanied by an adult                                                                 

  • All visiting children should be under the supervision of a parent or care provider.                                                         

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for safety and behavior of their children in the lobby.                                                            

  • Students, visiting children and parents should never be in the classroom when an instructor is not present. Students will be called into the classroom when it is time for their class, they should wait in the waiting room under supervision of a parent/care giver until then

  • Please dispose of all trash before leaving the studio, if you see a mess that needs immediate attention let Kelley or another faculty member know


Ballet and Combo Classes –  Any color leotard and tights (required),dance skirts and shorts (optional), pink ballet shoes, black ballet shoes for boys. 


Tap – Black tap shoes (please no patent leather).  Dancers ages 8 and up will need lace up tap shoes (no split sole). Athletic apparel is suitable for this class


Jazz/Hip Hop or combo including Hip Hop or Jazz -  Black leather jazz shoes.Students in single subject Hip Hop may wear tennis shoes to class as long as they are NOT worn outside the studio. Athletic apparel is suitable for class. Company members should purchase tan jazz shoes.

Acro - students should be barefoot and either wear a leotard or fitted shorts and top or sports bra. Hair should always be in a bun or braid. 

**Hair should be in a bun, ponytail or braid for all classes                                                                                                                                      

 Boys (all classes) – T-shirt or tank top and athletic pants or shorts. 


**All students are required to follow this dress code policy, any student not dressed properly for class will be asked to sit out for that week. Proper attire can be purchased at Dance Biz in Lexington where our students receive a 10% discount or at, you can use the code TP28127 to receive a discount online. 

**KPDA Xtreme and Company Members should refer to the dress code requirement given to members at enrollment.



 We will have newsletters every once in awhile to communicate important information to you. These are posted on the walls outside each classroom, posted in the waiting room, and extra copies will be available in the waiting room.

Observing Class                                                                                                                                                                                   

Each class will have an observation night where the student may bring their parent/guardian to class to watch.  The first observation night is in December and the other is in May.  Observing class any other time is not permitted.


Recital dates for each location will be set by October 2020